Tales From The Graveyard – Cover Reveal

For Bristol Festival of Literature 2017, North Bristol Writers put together a collection of tales for a reading at Arnos Vale Cemetery, on the theme of Graveyards. Hooked by the seemingly endless inspiration to be found between the headstones and mausoleums, the collective went on to expand the collection into a new anthology of 16 original short stories.

This is our third anthology, following on from North By Southwest (2015) and The Dark Half of the Year (2016), has been a labour of love for many of the group—Editors Eric Nash and Peter Sutton, typesetter Chrissey Harrison and of course, all the contributors—and is rapidly approaching completion and release. So, without further ado, we proudly reveal the cover for our latest creation, with gorgeous art by Fab Mazat…

Tales from the Graveyard - Full front cover

Welcome to the Graveyard—Where the worlds of the living and the dead overlap.

A boy encounters a mysterious groundskeeper; two students unearth an ancient terror; and in the wilds of Africa, a hunter stumbles into danger. Corpses rise, creatures of darkness stir, and nothing is ever what it seems, but there is hope in messages from the other side.

This collection of stories, inspired by our multi-faceted relationship with the deceased and their place of rest, will leave you wondering what lurks between the ivy choked headstones.


Tales From The Graveyard will soon be available to order from your local bookshop, or from major online retailers. Stay tuned for more updates, including alerts about signing events in and around Bristol, by following us on Twitter @NBristolWriters.

Tales from the Graveyard - book promo


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