Chrissey Harrison

Chrissey writes varied speculative fiction and romance, flagrantly defying the usual advice to stick to one genre. She’s been learning the craft for nearly ten years in which time her short stories have appeared in several fiction and comic book anthologies including The Dark Half of The Year, Age of Savagery and Shock Value (Green).

She self-published her ‘novellette’ The Star Coin Prophesy in 2012 to explain why the world didn’t end as predicted. Her first novel, Mime, sees a paranormal journalists take on a demon mime artist.

Chrissey is a member of the Alliance of Independent Authors, and a supporter of small press and local book stores. When not at her day job or writing she is usually making something weird or cute, or both.

As a co-founder of Great Escape Films, she has also produced independent short and feature films, most recently Carnival Of Sorrows.

Find her at or on Twitter @ChrisseyWrites.