Jay Millington

Jay recently graduated with an MA in Creative Writing form Bath Spa University where he worked on Q Equals Three to the Power of n, a comic, metafictional thriller about academia, paranoia and circumstantial evidence. Feedback includes:

‘You have created an interesting, likeable and at times very funny character in Q. It’s easy to root for him.’ Nathan Filer

‘This is a fluently written manuscript and very enjoyable to read. Very entertaining.’ Gavin Cologne-Brooks

‘I really like those moments in which something intimate is referenced, the small details between married couples that come out as ammunition in arguments.’ Samantha Harvey

‘There is plenty to enjoy in this extract, the solitary obsessiveness of Q is intriguing and compelling.’ Gerard Woodward


It’s nearly finished, but he keeps getting distracted by short stories. Those written on the MA earnt the following comments:

‘Each of these responses is very original and distinctive in its mood and humour. […] You write with great clarity and verve…’ Tim Liardet


Topics range from a water molecule’s experience of a flood, to losing a detachable penis – 300 words that helped the NBW team into second place at the Bristol Festival of Literature’s flash slam. At the festival, he also read a post-modern piece at a graveyard and died on stage.


He’s written non-fiction as an academic, but this year will see him become a real author, with a post-Brexit dystopia for publication in our forthcoming anthology.

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