Maria Herring

Maria was born in the UK but has spent the last decade-and-a-bit travelling around the world teaching the English language. This nomadic lifestyle, which sometimes resulted in tragic distances from bookshops, was when she discovered the joys of writing. Though her first two novels, “Legacy of Warrior Queen” and “The Book of Revelations”, were published while she was abroad, she returned to Bristol in the UK for a bit to work on her third because she was being mentored by one of the SF/F community’s impressive novelists, Liz Williams. That was when she became a proud member of the North Bristol Writers! The novel is finished, she’s back in France, but she’s determined to make all her long-distance relationships work.

When Maria isn’t writing she’s pen and ink drawing, a new-found passion, which she hopes she’ll be able to incorporate in her future books. She may be a full-grown adult, but she still likes books with pictures.

Feel free to check out her verbal and visual doodles at: