Piotr Świetlik

Piotr Świetlik was born and bred in the Silesian City of Chorzów, Poland. He went through the usual grind of education which left him with a Masters degree and a perpetual hunger for knowledge. For over a decade now, he’s a citizen of the lovely town of Frome, Somerset, where he is busy working on his first novel. His stories appeared in “Airship shape & Bristol Fashion” by Wizard’s Tower Press, “Kraken Rises” by Angry Robot and 365 Tomorrows. He is half-responsible for the Final Frontier weekly radio show that runs on FromeFM and the man behind psytrance project ‘Firefly’. Also, being a fully-fledged geek, he is the creator of Sphere role play game and currently works on an educational board game for kids.
You can find out more at www.piotrkswietlik.wordpress.com