This page lists our group publishing projects; anthologies featuring a showcase of work by members of the group. If you’d like to find out about individual member’s publishing credits, check out the members section. All our anthologies are available to order through your local bookshop, or from major online retailers.

Tales From The Graveyard (OUT NOW)

Tales from the Graveyard Front Cover

Welcome to the Graveyard—Where the worlds of the living and the dead overlap.

North Bristol Writers present a third anthology of 16 enthralling tales.

A boy encounters a mysterious groundskeeper; two students unearth an ancient terror; and in the wilds of Africa, a hunter stumbles into danger. Corpses rise, creatures of darkness stir, and nothing is ever what it seems, but there is hope in messages from the other side.

This collection of stories, inspired by our multi-faceted relationship with the deceased and their place of rest, will leave you wondering what lurks between the ivy choked headstones.

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The Dark Half Of The Year (2016)

The Dark Half of the Year cover

The North Bristol Writers return with a second anthology, this time set in winter with a collection of spooky holiday tales. The group includes many published and previously unpublished writers and the work is introduced by Cavan Scott.

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North By Southwest (2015)

North By Southwest Front Cover

An anthology of 15 stories written by members of the North Bristol Writers. North by Southwest showcases a range of styles and genres by the talented authors in this thriving group.

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